Who We Are

Since her inception on the 10th October, 2008, Christ Symbolic Union International has been the fastest growing youthful non-denominational organization in Ghana with multiple branches across the country and a dozen more outside the borders of Ghana.
Apostle Vinny Max Bani

Our Mission

Christ Symbolic Union International is a haven for bridging the gap between Africa’s past and her future. Our mission is to emancipate the youth from the mental slavery of condemnation and to impart them with the hope of a greater and brighter tomorrow using the unadulterated Word of God. Like gold in the mine, we believe that being black does not connote lack. So we go all out to reach out to the youth in their raw states yet full of potential and refine them in the Word; bringing out their talents and redirecting them to walk in their destinies to transform the World. CSU imparts it’s members with value for themselves and for others as we live in respect for one another.
CSU seeks to empower lives, creating a perfect balance of Attitude, Power and Authority.
Members are trained in leadership skills and other life skills.
With 1st Timothy 4:12-16 as our cynosure, our goal is to raise leaders from start to finish and to make the Gospel the order of the day. In simple terms, we are here to transform Africa and the world at large to be symbols of Christ.