Our Messages

Our messages are ever fresh and never prosaic,pure and unadulterated WORD of GOD which is ministered to ambassadors in its simplicity, potency and without any dilly-dally.
Apostle Vinny Max Bani

Africa Meets CSU An Expose on how CSU is transforming Africa

Africa as a continent is plagued with a lot of problems. Millions are dying yearly from curable diseases owing to the general lack of funds to facilitate proper healthcare. Our education systems creates excellent yes-men in industry who cannot hold their own in business or in leadership position. Pragmatism is thrown out the window by people seeking solutions to marital and business problems. Money is spent to secure favors from idols and time to be used for meaningful work is spent on prayer meetings to invoke miracles in finances. These problems don’t stem from scarcity but a misinformed and abused mentality. God’s solution for Africa is finely packaged in the institution known as CSU. CSU aims to train and nurture believers in the unadulterated word of God. She also trains people to unleash their potentials and to walk in Gods purpose for their lives. In the last decade, Africans have benefitted immensely from the teachings of CSU. Through these messages, many youth are inspired to contribute to the transformation and liberation of the African continent?

Our Messages

The Gospel of Grace

In a society filled with religions that insist on strict code of living in order to appear blameless before a deity, the gospel of grace comes as a breath of fresh air to all encumbered by such codes in their daily living. This gospel breaks barriers of gender, race and social status by promoting oneness in Christ.

In Christ, murky pasts or mistakes do not hinder you from enjoying a beautiful relationship with the Holy Spirit.(2 Corinthians 5:17). We freely receive gifts and do not have to maintain a track record of righteous living to qualify for them. (Romans 5:17) There isn’t a standard or regimented way of worship, dressing or eating since one’s worship and living depends on his level of insight in the word of God.

Teachings On Divinity

Christ’s death on the cross brought many benefits to us. These are spelt out in the bible in many verses across many books. CSU teaches how to enjoy Divine health (Isaiah 33:24) (Hebrews 12:22) (1 Peter 2:24), eternal youth (Psalm 1:1-3) (Psalm 103:5), the ministry of angels (Hebrews 1:14) and many more topics on divinity.

This has brought liberation to many people as people with chronic illness have received healing through this message. Many have also experienced deliverance from danger by the ministry of angels because they learnt how to activate them. The teachings have also gone a long way to eradicate superstition in the lives of ambassadors. Freedom of oppression and from addiction is very common in our circles because the truth reigns (John 8:32)

The Prosperity Gospel and Youth Empowerment

CSU tackles Africa’s poverty through the prosperity gospel. Ambassadors are taught to not fear or shun prosperity. We are taught to embrace wealth and abundance as tools to enrich the lives of the less fortunate in society (2 Corinthians 8:9). “To be rich is to reach out to others”-AVMB. We are also taught to embrace our talents, develop them and to employ them in creating products or services that add value to others.

To this effect, many ambassadors are business owners even before they have graduated from school. These businesses provide employment for people and offer top notch goods and services for the consumer. ADVOCACY OF GOOD MORALS Another problem facing Africa is integrity in governance and administration. Billions of US dollars are reported to be lost each year due to corruption on the continent. People of character are in high demand but the recent expositions of scandals across the continent suggest that such people are in short supply. CSU continues to churn out exceptional leaders through her leadership and accountability training programme. Character is uncompromised in the upbringing of ambassadors as several bosses, colleagues and family members have testified of these traits being seen in the lives of ambassadors.

Teachings On Marriage & Family Life

A family is the basic unit of society. Society will never be in good shape when marriages are in turmoil. Broken marriages and homes have ripple effects on society which may unfold after many generations. The psychological damage on children from such homes is often irreparable and could lead to social vices and unwelcomed behavior.

Through teachings on marriage and family life, ambassadors are given the tools to build successful marriages and to raise healthy families. This is an invaluable asset to the African continent. Christ Symbolic Union International is simply changing the narrative of Africa as a helpless community incapable of solving her own problems. We are solving them just fine and we are doing it in the most impactful way: Transforming heart and minds.

If you want to live a supernatural life, be addicted to the Gospel and its propagation.