Apostle Vinny Max Bani

He is an exceptional commissioned apostle (special messenger) of JESUS who is being used by GOD to bless, impact and cause radical change in this generation and beyond.
Apostle Vinny Max Bani

Meet the Man of GOD, Apostle Vinny Max Bani

Apostle Vinny Max Bani (AVMB) is an exceptional commissioned apostle (special messenger) of JESUS who is being used by GOD to bless, impact and cause radical change in this generation and beyond. He is a Man sent from GOD for many purposes; one of which is the true liberation and empowerment of the youth of Africa for the purpose of changing the story of Africa for the ultimate best. Destinies are discovered as a result of His messages which are ever fresh like dew and never prosaic. They are one of a kind; Holy Spirit breathed words that are always timely and indispensable solutions for the many He has been sent to.

His charisma, versatility, wisdom, humility and meekness coupled with His Anointing and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit especially the teaching Grace has drawn numerous souls to the LORD Almighty. These many have experienced and are still experiencing purposeful and fruitful lives.

Apostle Vinny Max Bani is a Bible teacher, a conference speaker, a dynamic leader, an entrepreneur, a visionary, a prolific and original writer and author, a role model to the youth and most importantly an apostle (special messenger) of our Lord Jesus Christ. He teaches the pure, unadulterated Word of GOD, in its simplicity, potency and truth with no dawdle. Owing to the vast treasure trove of wisdom He is, He cannot but avail himself to be a source of inspiration to the world through the many conferences He has hosted some of which are the International Youth Destiny Summit (IYDS), Grace Advocacy Summit (GAS), School of Faith (SOF), School of the Spirit (SOS) and the Single Sisters’ Summit (SSS). Many who have had the privilege to encounter this personality of Wisdom share in the testimony of His essence to the youth of today. An amalgamated pearl of leadership is a core value He possesses having being called to a more than a generation. With this pearl, His Anointing and Mandate, He is the founding Father and head of Christ Symbolic Union International (CSU), General Overseer of Divinity Empire Campus Ministry (DECAM) and founder of the Appointed Ministers College (AMC). As an entrepreneur He has instituted profitable and beneficial businesses and organizations, inclusive are Glitz Global (GG) and Gold Dust Music (GDM). For the sake of the present generation and posterity He has also established DOSA – Daughters of Sion Alliance, a ministry which seeks to cultivate and groom Excellent and Virtuous Ladies from GOD’s perspective. He is author of several books namely Can One Lose His Salvation, Dunamis Hagah, The Anointing for Increase, The Ministry of Angels, The Man to Marry, Biblical Qualities of a Wife, How to catch GOD’s Attention, the Divine Exchange, 1111 Divinely Inspired Sayings, Hundred Secrets of GOD. A combination of His visionary and entrepreneurial qualities allowed Him to build a company that will benefit lives for light years – AVMB Books Incorporated. This establishment is aimed at publishing the Gospel to the ends of the earth through ministering books to people.

As a special messenger of the Lord JESUS Christ, the mandate of propagating the true Gospel and populating heaven is the reason Christ Symbolic Union (CSU), Divinity Empire Campus Ministry (DECAM) and the Appointed Ministers’ College (AMC) were established. DECAM is a part of the Divinity Empire. It works to bring to light the core of Christianity: Divinity on earth in Humanity. The ministry comprises vibrant youth who are zealous for the things of GOD with an upbringing of Relevant Knowledge from CSU. Their exploits seen and felt all over Ghana today is a substantial proof of the impact of CSU. The Appointed Ministers College also set up by the Man of GOD seeks to train believers who have been called by GOD into the office of any four of the five-fold ministry: Teacher, Pastor, Evangelist and Prophet. The recently inducted and anointed Ministers who went through diligent training in AMC are also privileged to have had their foundations laid by CSU. They are testimony of the transformational power of the Word of GOD.

CSU is no mere organization. Though non-denominational, it has been the foundation for destinies to be discovered, lives to be transformed, mindsets to be changed, chains of bondage to be broken, business to be set up, wealth to be created, talents to be groomed, problem solvers to be out doored, impact makers to be made and purposes to be fulfilled. The inception of CSU was as a result of the Man of GOD heeding to His call. In his confidence of teaching the Word he had epitomized to one privileged boy, He caught the attention of a few students who joined in to listen. Just then, under a mango tree in a school compound, Christ Symbolic union was birthed to go and be GOD’s love Letter to the World. Members and alumni of CSU are known as Ambassadors of CHRIST because they are the representation of Christ on Earth. Being symbols of HE who sent them, they too confidently speak the message of truth about JESUS CHRIST to many through tours, outreaches and fruitful evangelism. They however did not become these priceless symbols in one day. CSU’s teaching and training of discipline, love, honesty, value, hard work, entrepreneurship, making use of talents, Fear of the LORD and most paramount being adept in the Word of GOD is what has made them who they are today. Tangible proof is sighted from their nature of excellence and positivity, hallmarks of the Man of GOD. AVMB is an exemplar of divinity and living the Word and in so doing inspires others to committedly follow. Being the Role-Model He is and yet a Full-time minister of the Word, He has particularly mentored youth to wealth and in entrepreneurial skills, to use their talents to profit and to walk in their destinies. His core values are evident in the lives of all Ambassadors.

Today CSU boasts of musicians, entrepreneurs, all industry professionals, health professionals, businessmen, excellent students and Anointed ministers who are blessing lives and making a difference in their fields of expertise. CSU is international; penetrating the borders of Rwanda, Nigeria, China, Canada, Belgium, and the United States of America with the Word to bring liberation and dynamic change to all who encounter her. Africa is already experiencing the fire of the WORD! These few years of Progressive fruitfulness are as a result of the dedication, commitment, focus, persistence, positivity, zeal, diligence, discipline, heart for the people, confidence, willingness to do what it takes to make others prosper as well as pull others up along the prosperity ladder and cardinal, HIS love for the LORD Almighty. AVMB is a truly modest personality, however all who encounter him are constantly amazed at the package of blessing He is. Many generations are and will be indeed privileged to ever encounter this GOD’S GENERAL.

AVMB's Wisdom Diary

Events with the Man of GOD, AVMB

Apostle Vinny Max Bani has been the host of a number of notable events including the International Youth Destiny Summit which is an annual event and would be having it's 10th edition this year, 2019.